NEET unemployment in Preston hits shocking levels

A short article that I wrote for the Lancashire Evening Post (proper posts will be going up this weekend!):

Youth unemployment in Preston has risen 800% in the last year, according to figures released this week.

The ONS data released on 12th September revealed that the number of young Prestonians in between the age of 16-24 not in employment, education or training (NEETS) has rocketed by 120 people in between August 2011 and 2012, from 15 to 135.

The statistics also highlighted a continued rise in general unemployment to almost eight per cent, a figure that has climbed five per cent in the last five years.

Mark Hendrick, Labour and Cooperative MP for Preston, perturbed by the figures

He said: “The dramatic increase in NEETS is terrible, these figures are far too high. Young people need work to get valuable practical job experience. Without these opportunities they can’t embark upon a secure career path, which could seriously affect their prospects in the future.

“These figures highlight that employment rates and economic growth will not be achieved under the current government’s policies. “

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