Salford residents take a stand against the bedroom tax


Angered tenants are set to lobby Salford’s major housing provider this Thursday over dissatisfaction towards measures to protect them from the bedroom tax.

Little Hulton and Walkden residents who live in some of the worst hit areas in Salford will be the first in the city to take a stand against their social housing provider over the tax when they protest outside City West Housing Trust. They are part of a new wave of communities beginning to come together across the country in opposition to the new measure which could see an increase in debts, evictions and even homeless .

They want staff to change their policies to ensure that tenants who do not pay the bedroom tax are not put at risk. Amongst their demands is that City West commit to not pursuing a policy of evictions if residents do not pay and consider re-classifying some of their properties as having less bedrooms in a move echoing Knowsley Housing Trust in Merseyside.

They also want reassurances that management will not take on more enforcement officers who could be used to help carry out evictions.

Tenants, who formed the Little Hulton Against Tax called for a protest after a meeting last week.

Paul Gerrard, one of the organisers who is also in the Salford Socialist Party, said: “We want to the manager to answer our questions face to face with us. We will be looking for a guarantee that they won’t pursue a bullying and intimidating approach towards residents to make them pay. The tax has only just come in and already a lot of people are being told they have got arrears. It seems that people are being made examples of to scare others into paying.”

To join them meet outside the Little Hulton offices of City West in Little Hulton District Centre at 2pm.


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