Greater Manchester history and activism combined: Say hello to the Mary Quaile Club

mary quaile

A new radical history discussion and activist group has launched in Greater Manchester, which aims to link past struggles in the region to contemporary ones that face us in Tory Britain.

Its founders believe that existing working class history groups have a tendency to be too academic and hope that this group will engage a much wider, non-academic audience.

They also believe there is a new generation of political activists, who are campaigning on issues such as the bedroom tax and zero hours contacts etc, who would benefit from the discussions, but who are not being reached at present.

The group is encouraging members of the public to come forward with ideas for discussions and events and welcomes everyone to attend its free  public meetings.

They will host their first event tomorrow at 2pm at the Cornerstones Centre in Langworthy, which will focus on socialist politician Ellen Wilkinson and how to fight privatisation of the NHS.

They also have plans to put on film screenings in the coming month, so check out their website  here for more information, or find the group on Facebook or Twitter. 


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